About me

Hello! My name is Courtney. I am a wife, mother, and experienced traveler. My family lives in Eastern Europe where we work for an NGO in community development, and we love travel and adventure!

My son is almost two and has traveled to six countries so far. Let’s just say he is turning out to be a pro-traveler! 

I’ve dealt with blowouts and spit ups, badly packed diaper bags, mismanaged layovers with a cranky toddler and more. I’ve learned from those mistakes to create a smoother travel experience.

My goal is to take the anxiety and stress out of travel so that moms like you can discover new places with your kiddos, all without the overwhelming stress that unknown situations can bring.  

Perhaps you travel for work, perhaps for pleasure. Maybe you travel alone with your kids, or with a partner. Regardless, this blog is here to help.

Traveling with your child can be fun. Really, it can! Stick around and we will navigate traveling and motherhood together.

Thanks for reading,

Courtney Buchanan